Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spicy Meatball, Exactly?

Spicy Meatball was lovingly-created by a pair of bed and breakfast owners who are Hosts by Trade and passionate about REAL Italian Hospitality… not some huge travel agency.  

Our mission is to make sure guests like you have a great experience in Italy, everywhere... including your tours and outings!

Spicy Meatball is different because we hand pick, personally find, and test the best agencies, guides, and experiences FOR YOU!

You get an exclusive menu of well-curated activities to choose from, all in one place, without the guess-work.

And we’re very particular about serving up the best tours and experiences in Italy, only. - So you get the best, your first time!

PLUS… We’ve got your back!

Our “Super-Hero” Customer Service is here for you from the moment you start planning your Italian adventure... right until the end of your trip!

Click here to read more: Meet the Meatballs

Can you help me plan a whole trip?

YES! - Absolutely!  

Consider us your new-found family in Italy!  (without the dad jokes)

We’re here to answer ANY questions you have about your travels.

And if you need a little more help, to make sure you get everything perfect…

You can also get access to an Amazing Specialist Planner right here, and create the Italian Holiday of your dreams! - Right down to the tiny-little details that are easy to overlook. ;)

If this service makes sense for you (in addition to browsing through the amazingly-easy to find, Guaranteed-Awesome tours we serve up) we definitely recommend it!

Click here to Contact Us About this Service!

Can I call in by phone to book a service?

YES! - Go ahead!

We’d love to hear from you.

Our English is great, so it’ll be smooth-sailing for us both!

Go here to get the digits ⇒ Contact us

Do I need to print my voucher or receipt?

That varies a bit...

Some activities require a printed voucher ... while some have codes you can just download on your smartphone … others don't require any type of voucher at all.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this...

Your EXACT specifications are clearly explained on your voucher, every time.

What’s the cancellation policy?

All experiences have a Free Cancellation Period up to 72 hours before the start of the activity.

There may be a small charge of 2.5% of the purchase for credit card reimbursement charges.

Tours that include tickets as PART of the overall price may be refunded minus the price of the tickets, since those are purchased in your name and not transferable.

If you cancel an activity within the “free cancellation period”, you’ll be refunded the same way you paid. (Since refunds are an automatic operation, this cannot be modified in any way for security reasons.)

What happens if it rains or there’s bad weather?

All activities take place throughout the year, even if it rains.

If the weather conditions are extreme and the organizer cancels the tour, you’ll either be refunded immediately or be able to move the activity to another day.  

We make this as simple as possible for you in every way we can, and problems are rare.

How does Spicy Meatball Secure My Payment?

Our online payment system, PayPlug, is 100% secure and encrypted against fraud and unauthorized transactions.  We also accept PayPal.

I think I’ve paid...but I haven’t received a confirmation email yet?!

If you haven’t received a confirmation, the payment didn't go through and your activity hasn't booked yet.

If this is the case...Please go back to your bookings and try again.

But if you've seen that the payment has gone through, maybe the email address was incorrect. (That’s most likely)

If this is the case, please contact us and we'll solve it right away.

After I make a booking, how long will it take to receive our vouchers?

Most confirmation emails (vouchers) are sent out immediately once the payment is made.

If you don't receive this email, please check your spam or junk folder.

If you can't find your confirmation there, do this:Check your bank account or PayPal to see if the payment went through. - Maybe the email address was incorrect.

Please contact us and we'll help you solve it as soon as possible.

Where’s our meeting point for this activity, exactly?

Your meeting point for every activity is detailed on the voucher, usually with a GPS location, map and photo.

If you need a little more information about this, or can’t find the meeting point on the map… just contact the local organizer, they’ll get you set up.

The phone number is right there in your confirmation email.

What’s your 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy?

If you feel the tour or experience you attended did not meet the description, you are fully-entitled to a 100% refund.

Just send us an email with the tour or experience you attended, the reason you want a full refund, and some constructive feedback.

No hard feelings whatsoever on our part! - We pride ourselves on offering ONLY the best, so we’d LOVE to hear about it so we can make changes if we need to.  Thanks!

Don't see what your looking for?

Send us an email at, we are here to help!



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