Meet the Meatballs

Meet the Meatballs

Benvenuto in famiglia! (Welcome to the family)

- The Spicy Meatball Family is Serious about getting you the best tours and experieces available.
- No, like seriously, we got this...

Once upon a Time a Meatball….

Spicy Meatball came straight outta the heart of Rome - And it all started with one little B&B, a stone’s-throw away from the Vatican.

It was a genuine “Meeting of Worlds” love story from the beginning, if you will…

To keep it short and spicy…

An American Girl fell in love with a Roman Boy (oh amore, sweet amore)...

Together, they settled in the Eternal City, and opened the bed and breakfast of their dreams...

Little did they know their honeymoon years would be spent hearing guests RAVE about great tour experiences... and RANT about “not-so-great” ones.

After hearing way too many RANTS, it was pretty obvious something had to be done!

(Italy should be awesome, every time, after all.)

So, they got to work...

Our Star-Crossed-Meatball-Lovers got busy compiling a Master-List of all the best English-Speaking Local Guides and Agencies in Rome.

They did it the hard way… by Testing and Tasting Every Tour Themselves.

Finally… They could give their guests real Roman care and hospitality ... and save folks from the gamble and horror of booking with “Tour-Mart.”

It was the only way to make sure the dinner conversation stayed positive… :)


Who knew it would evolve into a whole new service that was instantly in demand?!

As they shared their coveted list with other hosts, it was clear that visitors love having an informed friend on their side when shopping for things to do on their vacation.

As it Turns Out…

With just a little care and attention… travelers can easily get a break from the guesswork and overcrowded “cookie-cutter-junk-tours” that are flooding the market … and get a new way to guarantee a great experience!

In the end…

They created this simple to use platform. - SPICY MEATBALL - Where every tour and experience is Tested and Approved by the Spicy Meatball Crew… the way it should be.

Our guests get to experience Rome like a Local, enjoying the best that our beloved city has to offer! - Happily!

You get to laugh alongside those crazy Romans ... take in the people and places ... internalize the history ... and be part of the bustle!

After all… These small journeys are a reflection on our hospitality, and the magnificent city we call home. - So they had better be great!




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